Christan Life Coaching and Relationship Advice


We Are More Than This 

You're more than a work in progress. You're already fearfuly and wonderfully made. 

100% lovable and totally adored by our Heavenly Father. 

 I'm more than a relationship coach — I help Christian women transform their love lives and enjoy healthy thriving relationships. First with God, then themselves AND THEN with others. 

 My Biblical approach to love and relationships provides an opportunity for you to enjoy the life God designed for you to experience. Be the best version of yourself by adopting the mind of Christ and confidently loving those around you. 



Start With A FREE Call

FREE Coaching Call

Ready to give coaching a try?

During your call I will do all the work, you just have to show up and be willing to talk. 

I will ask questions that will help you identify major road blocks in your life so that we can immidiately start working on them. 

Value ~ $250.00

Mini Coaching Pack

Got one particular issue that you'd like to deal with and resolve?

With the Mini Coaching Pack you get 3 coaching calls, 30 minutes each. 

We will focus on identifying limiting beliefs and work on changing them so that you can accomplish your goals. 

Special ~ $99.00

Total Transformation Experience

Go all in with a 12 week intensive coaching package. 

With an hour long session each week for 90 days you will have an opportunity to truly confront the lies that are holding you back. 

This package is perfect for those who want to see lasting change in their lives for the glory and honor of God. 

Inspriational Speaker  

Need someone whose not afraid to tackle tough topics? 

I'm your speaker!

Book me for your next women's retreat, workshop, conference or event.

 If you want to tackle a specific topic or issue, I'll create a unique talk that will address the real issues your group is dealing with. 


"I was feeling flat, friendless and bit empty after working and working day after day on a new business. And you self-love challenge was the truth I needed at just the right time. I thought I needed more friends, but really I needed to love myself and value myself in Christ. 

Thank you for doing God’s work out of love for His children."

Jennifer- USA

After my free coaching call I felt a lot of mixed emotions. 

On the one hand, I felt totally empowered and encouraged to go lean into my purpose. On the other hand I felt kind of ashamed that I couldn't see some of these things for myself. 

When Lily said it, it sounded so obvious, like something I'd always known, but had somehow forgotten. 

I immidiately knew that I needed help breaking free from the lies I'd been believing for so long and signed up for the total transformation package. It's the best investment I've ever made. 

If you've never tried coaching, I want to tell you to GO FOR IT. 

It's a free call that could litterally change your life. 

Megan- Denmark


First, I listen.

We will start with an honest chat that's all about you; your goals, your relationships and your heart's desire. Here we’ll identify what makes you unique, and how you can live a life full of purpose and add value to those around you by sharing your God given gifts and talents..  

Then, We Plan.

Together, we’ll talk about your life and relationships to figure out a plan that will help you thrive. Together we will come up with a road map to achieving your goals.  

Finally, You Take Action.

Our conversations will lead to greater self awarness. I'll help you build upon your new insights to develop a plan that will transform your life. 

Coaching is one of the greatest investments you can making in the Kingdom of God. You're not just prioritizing your mental health and well being, you're intentionally cultivating the Mind of Christ in you. 


Hi, I’m Lily Mtongwiza.

I’m a Christian Life Coach and Relationship Expert, an Exceptional Wife and Mother and a Total Nerd. 

My obsession is helping Christian women create passionate relationships that honor God and are a testimony of true love to those around them.

I'm here to help you create an amazing love life that ou can get serious about. One that allows you to change the world simply by being in love.

Make no mistake, you're ABSOLUTELY in the right place! 

Let's talk!

Your first coaching session is free.